I keep coming back to this story. I love it in so many ways. I grew up with British dance teachers, I loved the humour of the British tv-shows shown on Norwegian television, I loved the sound as it entered my ears, and I watch Location, Location, Location on the telly just so I can listen to Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop speak. I feel more like me when I speak close to their accent. But I feel like a fraud, as I do not feel at home in the country I was born in. I do, as you do, feel at home in England.

I am starting a podcast series and I am putting it off a bit due to the light shame of speaking British English. The consesus seems to be that for those of us who the stork flew beyond England are supposed to speak American. I tried, for a full year, as a nanny. Never again. It is called trousers, not pants, Julie.

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A creative entrepreneur writing about creativity, kindness and leadership, with the weekly podcast “Self Leadership Through Storytelling”.

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