An ingenious way to cope with crowds and noise

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by this app in any way.

I used to wonder if you are always to avoid situations with noise and loads of people, or demand that others take in consideration your needs, orare there other possibilities that you haven’t considered?

Today I just realised the depth of why I spend a minimum of 3 hours on one app, every day.

At first I thought it was merely entertainment. Just an app that was fun to use in the background whilst doing other things. Inspirational when I am stuck in a creative rut. A way to put a vibe to my mood at any given moment and a way to show my surroundings that I am not open for socialising. Today it helped me going from a onsetting panic attack and bolting off the premises, to finding the joy my family was in.

After blissing in the citys botanical garden and experiencing a butterfly house filled with all the sizes and colours I never knew possible, we went to the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen.

My kids love amusement parks and I love watching them have fun in them. Actually, my senses are at a level 15 on a scale up to 10, so that is enough of an experience for me. I laugh with them, and have fun as though I was on the ride myself! My emphatic superpower is on point, as it were.

Where I normally join in on the action, is when they go to the arcade. Only this time, the arcade was not filled with old school machines where I could drive cars, bikes and my all time favourite, — pod racing Star Wars style. They were now removed and replaced with Angry Birds games and multiple “grab-a-teddybear” machines. Oh, yes, — and the age old wack-a-mole machine was present and accounted for. But not the sweet sound of arcade as I used to love.

There were a new level of noise from all these new machines in addition to excited and worn out kids. I started to panic, for two reasons.

  • One, I had no idea how I could stay in this level of noise and crowd. I normally solve problems easily, so when I don’t know how to solve something, it really is a huge obstacle for me.

But then it all came together for me. All my hours lately on this app. How I use it in specific ways, every day for my writing. How I enjoy people more when I use it. Yes, — I listen to music. So I told my kids: Just a second, I am just going to deal with the noise.

I dove in to my backpack and found my Apple earplugs. Am I saying this to promote the brand? No. See, they are quite crappy at leaving outside noise out, and they give me the sweet music experience. So, the ingenious solution to my unease with the overload of sounds, of people and machines like a experimental jazz piece, was to put on Spotify.

My lifeline, every day, — is music. Any kind of music. I have a wide range of music saved on my phone, so I don’t need data. I also devour new music every day. Really, I devour music. It is like food, and it nourishes me.

Especially in situations where I feelso much. And I love to feel. I enjoy it. As a way to experience situations, visuals, sounds and tastes. And music soothes me. Soothes my sensory overload and gives words and sounds to what my senses and feelings are showing me.

We continued our experience at the arcade and I had a grin on my face, and I talked to my family with ease, whilst using the earplugs who were just right for the occasion.

Thank you, Spotify. Thank you, Young the Giant. Thank you family, for allowing me to be as weird as I am.



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