When you’ve had a long period of frustration -when it finally changes, how do you recognise it? And most importantly, will you do what’s necessary to move on?

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Instead of holding you down, all that energy will now be spent building you up

People are averse to change. Whether we say we love change, or not. The difference is that some see change as the necessary evil in their life, so they can live the life they desire.

You could be the one who smiles all day and nobody knows how frustrated you are underneath. Maybe it’s for the lack of success in an area in life and you desire to

  • become a mother/father
  • be a leader in your field of work
  • become professional at your hobby

The key here is that you desire to become something. Meaning, you’re not already there. Right now, you could have all sorts of ideas on how it feels to be the parent, the leader, or turning your hobby to a profession. That is how it might feel. But, thinking back on other changes you’ve made in your life, how many of them came out, how you pictured it would? …

I find the presidential campaigns a fascinating show of different leadership ideals. I’ve talked about Trump’s leadership style. Now, let’s look at Bidens and the possibilities with a benevolent leadership style.

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There is strength in kindness. It’s not about being nice or being a doormat.

One of my popular stories on Medium is the Time to stop saying bullying is ok. Ok? It might be due to the topic of calling out leadership for leadership, no matter if you’re one of the more prominent leaders of the world or not.

Yes, I referred to Trump in my story, on the leadership style he shows on any screens and apps near you.

Is kindness in leadership a weakness? Or, could it be the strength we’ve been looking for? …

Rehashing one of my golden oldies of quandary’s: should I delete my Facebook profile, I discovered that sometimes it's not a matter of a yes/no question. A tiny adjustment was required for my business’ social media to be fun again, remembering the idea of a 1000 true fans.

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“You see, in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap — the jobs a game!” Mary Poppins

We say we’re tired of social media. Still, we spend hours on end, every day, scrolling through our apps. What if you spend some of those hours not seeing Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as a necessary evil? Like I did, up until this morning.

If we found the fun in the apps (is that even possible) for your business, for us, what could we create then? I’ve been a solopreneur for a couple of years now and I’ve done this dance, back and forth with should I delete Facebook or not, since day one. …

Really, it’s been five weeks. I paused my writing on Medium to reset my mind. Then she came back. The one that wouldn’t leave me alone.

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You know, that idea, that won’t leave you alone? The one that keeps pestering you again and again and you just want to scream: for the love of chocolate, will you just shut up?

This the idea that surfaces again and again, especially when you have a good thing going with another idea, it whispers: what about me?

The old idea comes creeping back when the new idea touches on something remotely close to the essence of what she was all about. See, you want to write about this. Come back and let’s finish this. You know you miss me.

The new idea was fun to work with, for almost three weeks, before I felt exhausted by delivering a new story to Medium every day. He was eager to produce more, but something in me held back. A desire for a bigger production. Not instead of, but in addition to. Like her. …

As a Norwegian, I find myself shocked by Trump's outward leadership style. Some call it controversial. We’re getting close to the presidential election and it got me thinking about a 90s movie.

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I won’t get into the politics of the people I’m addressing here. I’m writing this purely because I have, for over four years now, been puzzled that a country with the tagline “land of free and home of the brave” extracted from their national anthem, choose as they do.

Why would people choose a person to lead them, who at any given opportunity, will belittle others, just for laughs (I assume it’s for laughs because why else would any grown person in trusted positions communicate like that)?

The movie Good Will Hunting has been a topic on Medium before and I’m sure it will continue to, over the years to come, it is a classic that deals with mental health in a beautiful way. …

Have you ever tried someone else’s advice, and found a few weeks in that you are out of fuel? Instead of being excited about this new wind of change, the motivation is ebbing out. Where did it go? The momentum lost its footing.

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It’s like breathing in on day one and breathing out on day two.

Take a knee

Today I could’ve reached a benchmark, of writing every day for a month. Published both on my website and on my profile on Medium. This story would’ve been about how I managed to be consistent for 30 days and what benefits I gained so far before I pressed on for another month. But I’m not there yet, you see. I’m on day 22 after over an 11-day break.

If you’ve come across the marketing guru Seth Godin, it won’t take long before you’ll hear him say that he himself had written a post every day since before January 2002. This is where his archive starts. …

Rewiring your brain can sometimes feel like being a dung beetle rolling a big ball of turd, whilst walking on your hands and keeping the momentum up with your feet. Then four of your friends come along to help you. Here’s how to find the one that actually helps.

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Photography found on SciTechDaily attached to a fascinating article

“People who are more compassionate with themselves are better at coping with negative emotions and are less likely to ruminate on their negative thoughts.”

Weiyang Xie

I came across a TedX Talk called Dare to rewire your brain for self-compassion by Weiyang Xie as I was googling kindness to yourself, a topic I am studying right now. She is a psychologist at the Notre Dame University Counseling Centre, which supports the students in all their mental health issues.

Watching the video got me thinking about my own experiences in rewiring my brain. Whilst I’d rather do the work, no matter how uncomfortable it is, I’ve noticed that most people would rather not do the work. They look at me as though they are saying why would you do something like that to yourself. …

Over the last few years, I have been googling one statement again and again. I found all sorts of classes for writing in English when it is your second language until I found what I was looking for, right here, on Medium. My search was: easier to write in English even though it is not your first language.

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Photography by Alexandra Gorn | Unsplash

N.A. Turner wrote a story called “ Why I prefer to write in English even though it’s not my native language “ in 2018 and I have read it five times.

I’ve read other stories he’s written, and I was surprised to find he is not English. I know the Dutch have an extensive understanding of English but to read that he prefers it as the main language of writing excited me. I am not alone.

I knew I had found what I was looking for when I read these four reasons (he has several more worth a read).

  • “Love for the pronunciation, tone, rhythm and possibilities.” I made a comment stating just this in other words. …

The art of being part of a discussion is not a lost art, because to be fair, has it ever been close to the drawing board in the first place?

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Apparently, you only have two options. Either you are right or you are wrong. That is like saying there are only solid colours in the colour palettes being ignorant to the beautiful shades of grey, yellow, red and so much more.

How we live our lives are based on the stories we tell ourselves and the world around us. The repeated truths that we have grown unconscious of. What is your story?

Our go-to technique in most discussions tends to be you telling the other person all your truths and then they answer back with all their truths, hoping that they will align somehow. How often do you find that to happen? …

I wrote a story about how to organise an overly creative mind where I showed you how I use spreadsheets to organise my overly creative mind. What I didn’t tell you about the three-month writing marathon of writing every day, is by day 15, — I am exhausted as I sit down to write. Here’s how I keep moving forward!

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Three questions to keep going

ONE. I still love writing. This has been established years ago and I look forward to being an old lady of 86 years, sitting at my desk with a view over the city (wherever that might be) still writing because I will still love sharing musings on life and wonderings about people and how they relate to each other.

So I connect with that feeling. I check in with myself, every time I get tired, by asking the question: does it excite me to write? Do I feel my heart race a bit by the very thought of writing? Yes? …


Lill Øyunn Nermoen-Hanssen

A creative entrepreneur writing about creativity, kindness and leadership, with the weekly podcast “Self Leadership Through Storytelling”.

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